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Peer Focus


5:00 PM via Zoom

This is our take on a virtual study room. Hosted by IEG Coach Mara, this group offers a safe space for participants to help each other set intentions, stay accountable to goals, and problem-solve in an environment free from judgment. From my personal experience as a participant, this hour serves as a great time for setting up your schedule for the week, tackling anything on your to-do list, or following up on existing projects. It can be helpful to think of some things you'd like to work on prior to the group.


Songwriting & Digital Recording 


5:00 PM via Zoom

Hosted by musician & recording artist Jeff aka Cyazon, participants in this group have the opportunity to develop songs, both individually and as a group, learn about recording techniques, and apply them to music production. We will also discuss important aspects of songwriting such as song structure/arrangement, melody, chord progression, vocal performance, and lyrics. Participants will receive feedback on their work, with the ultimate goal of releasing original songs created in this workshop on a variety of streaming music platforms.


Creative Writing


5:00 PM via Zoom

Open to writers of all levels, participants have the opportunity to practice their craft by exploring various styles of prose through prompts and discussion. Part class, part workshop, writers may elect to have their work close-read and receive feedback from peers. We are currently gathering material for an anthology of works created in this group to be published through the nonprofit. Join our longest standing and foundational group that predates the launch of A Gap in the Forest!


Dungeons & Dragons


6:00 PM via Zoom

What’s D&D you ask? An old school alternative to video gaming – it’s THE classic roleplaying game steeped in critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. Through dialogue and open-ended prompts players are transported to a medieval realm where strategy, diplomacy and creative thinking rule — literally. This group is ideal for first-timers, beginners, or advanced players looking to meet others and enjoy D&D in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. 


Nature Walk

9:00 AM in-person (LA)*

Engage in some light exercise and fresh air with a group of peers. We meet on Saturdays at various trailheads around Los Angeles. Please inquire for additional information.



9:00 AM in-person (SF)*

Our Meet-Up group assembles on weekends in the San Francisco/East Bay area for a variety of fun, social, and recreational activities. Participants have the opportunity to meet others and engage in activities such as museums, farmer’s markets, bowling, mini golf, hikes, movies, and other fun outings.



Dungeons & Dragons

In-Person Bay Area

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